Welcome to the Departmet of Industrial Engineering at Hacettepe University

Undergraduate Program (in English)

Educational Objectives of Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program

Graduates of Department of Industrial Engineering aim to work/study as;

  1. Engineers/experts/management trainees/ managers who develop empirical and/or theoretical solutions for problmes under risk and constraints utilizing industrial engineering methods and tools; give strategic decisions; design, analyze, plan and manage systems towards products, processes, information and technologies at national and international production and service businesses of public and private sectors
  2. Researchers/graduate students/ academicians who are capable to pursue graduate students at universities and/or make researches at R&D units
  3. Engineers who have sense of professional ethics; are self-confident; consider the environmental and social responsibilities; have communication skills; are aware for continuous improvement; have discipline for team work, integrate science, technology and professional life
  4. Innovative, proactive and entrepreneur engineers, owners and partners of companies, who have a sense of system; decompose a system into subsystems; follow global trends and changes; design new systems at new businesses and develop business models